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Grant Proposal Guidelines

Deadlines for grant proposal applications are April 15th and October 15th. Learn more about our application process and how to submit a grant application.

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Grant Proposal Guidelines

The Vision

Sustainability involves economic viability, environmental sensitivity, and social responsiveness, with emphasis on working with and preserving nature. Innovation involves creativity and new ideas that make this world a better place to live.

The foundation seeks to foster environmental restoration, preservation and education with emphasis on seed moneys that lead to establishing demonstration projects that link rural and urban settings. Projects could orient toward use of resources in sustainable ways, integration of food production, technology, economics, and community development in harmonious ways with the natural world, preservation of wildlife habitat as well as the diversity of wild and domestic plants and animals, and conservation of wilderness and open space. Of interest might be projects designed to restore and maintain biological diversity of flora and fauna or establishment of seed banks, sustainable land use, or appropriate technology for alternative energy resources. Efforts to find space in tight urban areas, bring the countryside to the city in the form of gardens, landscaping, and space are encouraged. Likewise, efforts to provide space and alternative living to urban people in a rural area are welcome.

A particular concern is with sustaining agriculture through organic, biodynamic, permacultural and other processes, training young people to be farmers, and linking farms to communities through community supported agriculture. Another area of need would be support for small alternative presses and periodicals that focus on issues and problems and their resolution and desire to impact broadly on society with their creativity and new ideas.

The foundation sponsors Laguna Wilderness Press that publishes books featuring the work of concerned artists, photographers, and environmentalists. Its books move in two directions: (1) to depict nature and pristine wilderness areas through photography and essay; (2) to focus on changing landscape and the impact of urban growth, technology, and development on natural beauty and resources.

With its interest in LWP and its home base in southern California, the foundation desires to direct attention to environmental groups and concerns in Laguna Beach, especially preservation and restoration of areas under conservation in the open space known as the Laguna Greenbelt or Wilderness and including the Laguna Bluebelt; projects that expand open space in the inner greenbelt, promote community gardening, including in its schools, restore wherever possible the canyon creeks to their natural setting, and help to establish the legacy of a unique place and its traditions of village diverse planning and vision, plein air painting, and historic homes and sites.

Proposals should address specific objectives within these orientations, include a timeline how the objectives will be reached, and a statement of anticipated impact on the local society.

Proposals should limit funding requests to one year in the range of $l,000 to $10,000. ( Application Guidelines – pdf ) Send To:

Foundation For Sustainability and Innovation
P.O. Box 149 Laguna Beach, CA 92652-0149
(951) 827-1571

It is important that proposals and project reports, due at the end of the funding period, suggest ways in which the particular experience could be replicated elsewhere or impact situations outside the local area. Proposals are encouraged for seed projects that lead to broader funding and matching grants among organizations and institutions focused, first, on people’s needs and problems in the area of sustainability and, second, creativity and new ideas that enhance awareness and possibly lead to resolution of those needs and problems.